Capital Hill Meeting February 9-10, 2009

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Helping to Bring NACBA'S Message to Washington

Attorney Linda M. Tirelli is pleased to be among the elite members of the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys (NACBA) attending a scheduled meeting with state reresentatives on Capital Hill in Washington, DC on February 9-10, 2009.
     During her visit, Attorney Tirelli will participate in the legislative process and maximize her ability to directly affect future legislation.  Attorney Tirelli will meet with New York and Connecticut State representatives to discuss the importance of positive consumer bankruptcy reforms.  During their discussions, Attorney Tirelli will impress upon the members of Congress how mportant bankruptcy is to their consituents and provide them with the information they need to support and pass legislation that will help consumers weather the raging financial storm.
      The NACBA has played an integral role in the effort to help families stay in their homes and avoid foreclosure by allowing the modification of home loans in Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Cramdown provisions are among the first issues addressed bu the new Congress.  Both President Obama and the US Senant leadership endorse this Bill.  It is imperative that the voice of the consumer  be heard and the new Congress be educated in the need for bankruptcy reform.
      Stay tuned for follow up and feed back once Attorney Tirelli returns from Washington, D.C.  Feel free to send email expressing your views of the proposed bankruptcy reforms and suggestions for needed legislation.  This is just one more way Attorney Tirelli fights for the interests of her clients and the integrity of the bankruptcy code.

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